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Aries Dreamer (Original Album) RELEASED!

2014-08-16 19:48:36 by DesoloZ

My first Original Album of music that I made instead of game music, these are songs that I made time to time that made over the years. Also the reason I can't finish the game music projects is because i need money to do such, what better why of donating to help by buying my music? See my computer cannot run certain instruments and programs, so i need help getting better equipment to make the best quality music. Why is it take me all day to make these albums? Like I said need better equipment to bring the public the best. Please Spread the word, and Share! :3 thank you!

Buy the Full Album Here:

More Albums will be out soon, so will the Game Album Projects (that will be free to download!) 

Also dont forget to check me out on soundcloud:



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