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I make music for those who request :I

2012-04-24 08:32:14 by DesoloZ

If you need certain song for a flash game, video, or ....other things, I take those requests.

I make music for those who request :I


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2012-04-24 10:30:07



2012-04-24 11:26:06

Well i`d like to hear you music in your music in my animation but i don`t know if 2nd episode will come out but anyways should i pay or anything or it is for free?
Well if it is for free i`d like you to make audio for my music.

DesoloZ responds:

nope, just credit the music by me, i need to get my name known


2012-05-11 12:31:38

Well i wanted you to make music for me but anyways.
I alredy found musician...

DesoloZ responds:

its cool dude :)


2012-05-21 20:29:34

DesoloZ! i love your videos on Youtube... specially the Giygas one

DesoloZ responds:

lol thank yeah, imma do another remake after i get my complete instrument list :)


2012-07-03 12:15:36

Why hey there! Since you do requests, do you think you could pull off a battle sounding track? A good one to fight to; energetic, intense, good flow

Think you could give it a shot? PM me! :D